PAN Aadhaar link Online to access Income tax in India

How to link Aadhaar with PAN card online step by step: Fill in the PAN Aadhaar link online according to the new income tax access procedure, check why the PAN Aadhaar link is required and what to do if the name is different on Aadhaar and PAN card and is not linked through access to the income tax, also check if we can proceed with the filing of tax returns without Aadhaar?

The Aadhaar card is already known as a unique identity card for all Indian citizens. This tab contains all the details about an individual. Biometric data of finger, eyes, face and residence added to a unique identity card.

PAN Aadhaar link Online
With the support of the Supreme Court, the Indian government has made it mandatory to link PAN and Aadhar Card. PAN has a history of having all the details of transactions used as proof of income tax for individuals.

PAN Aadhaar card link

Linking these two cards will make a big difference in the Indian economy, where Aadhaar checks a single detail on the income tax login page and therefore no additional KYC documents need to be uploaded either.

It is believed that linking the PAN number and Aadhar card number to the income tax office will directly maintain a clear record of a person involved, and there are also many benefits to adding the PAN and Aadhar card number as they affect the life of a person in the forms indicated below.

This card is used by an Indian citizen differently in different areas of interest and contains complete information and thus linking these two data cards will add an extra point for the income tax department to track the transactions and expenses of a person and the income generated by the department the tax return asks each individual to use their PAN number as a password.

How to connect PAN with Aadhaar

  • Visit the Income Tax Department's official e-filing website at
  • Go to Quick Links, click Link Aadhar to open Aadhar page or open direct link at
  • Enter your PAN number> Aadhar number> Provide the name according to Aadhaar
  • Click the checkbox if you are the only year of birth on the Aadhaar card
  • Check the checkbox above I agree to validate with Aadhaar details
  • Enter the Captcha code for verification or Request OTP by matching it to get your mobile number instead of OTP
  • Click the Link Aadhaar button to validate at the bottom of the page
  • The details will be obtained as provided with your Aadhaar and an OTP will be sent to your linked Aadhaar mobile number
  • Enter the OTP received from UIDAI and click Submit
  • Immediately login the income tax will verify the details with the Aadhaar server and connect if it matches the Aadhaar number.

Why link the PAN to access to income tax?

The PAN number is a unique number assigned to people over the age of 18, and below we explain why the PAN card is used in everyday life and therefore why it is important for rent tax.

Any operation to be carried out in a bank of over 50 thousand requires a PAN card
The bank or respective company issuing a large amount requires the PAN number before crediting
Applying for any type of loan requires the PAN to find the story
Buying cars or heavy goods requires the PAN number as mandatory

Therefore, any large transaction in terms of assets or cash requires a PAN card number, which benefits the income tax department to record the history of individual transactions and mark them in their respective income tax plan.

Why link the Aadhaar card to access to income tax?

Here are some basic uses for Aadhar card numbers and how their use affects the income tax department.

  • Creating a new bank account must require the Aadhaar card number
  • Most government organizations use the Aadhaar card as proof of address
  • Apply for government vouchers such as voter ID, passport, etc.

A single KYC document linked to the Aadhaar card number in all its forms. This number helps to find an individual's personal and professional data easily.

The taxpayer must know that his details are filled in correctly and must verify his existing PAN and Aadhaar number. This is mandatory and the taxpayer process can verify your account under government rules. The process of linking the Aadhar number follows the PAN number written below in steps.

That's it, you have now successfully linked your Aadhaar and PAN number to your official income tax account. This will make it easier for you to access complaints and refunds in the future via the official advisor.

What happens if the PAN is not bound by income tax?

The income tax office scans the total ratio of people for the period using only their PAN number. Therefore, anyone with a PAN card must apply for income tax and obtain their ITR for that financial year. PAN is the Department of Income Tax's first basic test account.

What if my name is wrong on the Aadhar card number?

There is no need to worry if you have to link your Aadhar card to income tax and it contains a wrong name. You can visit the nearest Aadhar Seeva Kendra and submit a name change form by verifying your biometric information. Linking the Aadhar number is important and therefore a person, once the name change has been made, can restart the process to link the Aadhaar card with the Revenue Agency.

Can I fill in the income tax without using an Aadhar number?

No, this is against the rules allowed by the Reserve Bank of India. Therefore, every Indian citizen who is eligible to file income tax must log into the electronic income filing website and provide their PAN and Aadhar number as a mandatory KYC document.

Can I use only one ID card to link the income tax?

No, it will not allow it and neither will the filling process allow it. Because these two identifying details are important to the process. Aadhaar will provide proof of identification, while PAN will provide bank transaction history.

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