EPF withdrawal claim online at unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in Member Portal

Find PF withdrawal rules and how to withdraw EPF amount online and which form can be used for EPF withdrawal, member can withdraw EPF without UAN number and how to withdraw PF amount from previous company online.

The EPFO ​​department takes 12% of all salaried employees during their working life and returns it during retirement as a large body of money, and the simple formula is for the government and your employer to help you save small amounts of money that in turn becomes surplus that can serve as a pension fund.

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Although you provide 12% of your base salary, your employer will also provide you a small percentage each month that is added directly to your retirement fund, and this does not mean that you will only be able to withdraw money at the time of retirement, but you can actually withdraw PF money under various circumstances and reasons

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So, even before thinking about requesting the withdrawal of your money from the EPFO ​​portal, you have to activate your UAN number, and you can find your UAN number in your payroll that we must first activate and then also complete the KYC processes.

Circumstances of withdrawal from the EPF and eligibility

Basically, if you want to withdraw your money from the PF account, he would not object to this, but according to the government rules, there are certain requirements and eligibility that you must have. Let's look at those circumstances in which you can withdraw your money from the EPFO ​​portal.

Retirement - When you have completed your tour of duty and retired from work, you can withdraw all of your money from your PF account. But you won't be able to withdraw money from your retirement account.

Transferring FP from one employer to another: So one of the main things we forget when we change jobs is that we have to transfer FP money from the old employer to the new one. This is necessary because eventually you will only be able to retire from one employer, and if you don't, it may take a bit of effort to get your FP from your previous employer as well.

Unemployed for 2 months: If you are not employed for 2 months or more, you have the right to withdraw money from your PF account under any circumstances.

Partial PF Withdrawal: There are many reasons why you are allowed to partially withdraw your PF money up to 50% to 90% in total.

Some of these reasons are for EPF withdrawal

  1. Marriage
  2. Buying a house or land
  3. Education
  4. Home loan repayment
  5. Home renovation
  6. Before retirement

The main question that might sizzle in your head would obviously be how you can withdraw money from the PF account. We will first show you how you can withdraw money online.
Online EPF collection with UAN number

Go to the EPFO ​​UAN official website https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in

  1. Login with your UAN ID and password
  2. Also enter the captcha
  3. You are now in the UAN profile
  4. Go to "Online Services"
  5. Complaint (Form 31, 19 and 10C)
  6. During this step, we must enter the last four digits of the bank accounts and click on verify
  7. Click "Yes"
  8. Click on "Continue to claim online".
  9. Now the "Request Form" will appear
  10. Select the type of claim according to your preferences, available in the "I want to apply" tab.
  11. Select complaint, reason for complaint
  12. Most important options to complete the amount with your address
  13. Click the Submit button to submit the application process.

In this way, you can request your PF money application at any time without much hassle through the EPFO ​​online portal. batch introducing the EPF online withdrawal process.

Note: After requesting the EPF money request, you will receive the amount in your selected bank account within 15-20 days, and sometimes it may take about a month, but this only happens in rare cases such as holidays. or department during off seasons.

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